Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   Is there an age limit for beginners? I have never danced before.
A.    No. Young people generally learn quicker but many good dancers have started at a mature age.

Q.   I am out of shape. Does size matter when doing classes?
A.    Dancing is like aerobics. It will get you fit and keep you that way.

Q.  Do I need a partner?
A.   No. you can come alone or with a partner.

Q.  Will I stand out as a beginner?
A.   No. You will be among others who are just starting out.

Q.   I have two left feet.
A.   Wrong. Look at your feet and you will see there is one left and the other right. If you can walk you can learn to dance.

Q.   I am very shy. Will I meet new friends easily?
A.   Dancers, for the most part, are very friendly and will make you feel welcome. There are many dancers who are glad to meet a new friend.

Q.   I don't have any dance shoes.
A.   All you need is a pair of leather soled shoes that fit well and support your ankles. Dancing shoes are always available and we can help and advise you.

Q.  How much dancing experience do I need to have to attend a class?
A.   If you have danced before but have not been dancing for some years, a class is an ideal starting point to refresh your memory and techniques.

Q.   How much can I expect to learn at a private lesson or class?
A.    It will depend on the dance style you have in mind. Naturally the more time you spend on the floor and in practising, the quicker you will become a competent dancer. We will help you all the way.

Q.   Do you teach children or teenagers?
A.    Yes. Depending upon the age of the person as to whether a private or class lesson would be appropriate.

Q.   What are the possibilities of me meeting a person of the opposite sex?
A.    The majority of social dancers are single, ( i.e widowed, divorced or have not married to date ) and the majority are hoping that they will meet other dancers with common interests. All age groups are represented and all mix in very well.

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